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Size of Wales – Client meeting and tutorial

On Tuesday 14th of March we had the opportunity to have our client come into the studio so we could discuss our progress on the brief they have given us. Annoyingly, I was not able to attend this meeting because I was ill, so instead of completely missing this opportunity I decided to email Claire and ask if I could meet with her another time so I could still gain feedback. Claire quickly responded and we arranged to meet at the Size of Wales offices in the Temple of peace on the following Monday.

I brought in three different initial concepts that I have been working on to show Claire in order to gain feedback and work out what she like’s and dislikes.

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Out of my 3 designs that I brought in, Claire was very quick to decide that she liked the simplicity and design of the outcome 1. I told her I was worried that the shape of Wales isn’t distinguishable enough in the design, but she was quick to reassure me that because it would be used for the audience that is already part of Wales they would quickly understand the intended shape.  The outcome that Claire didn’t like is outcome 3, she thought it could be confusing that the larger Wales image was placed over Europe and thought it would be more effective if it was over Africa where there projects are actually based.

The next day, I had a tutorial in university along with the rest of the students working on the Size of Wales project, with Wendy. Although the feedback that I received from Wendy was really useful to help me develop this project, I felt as if the meeting didn’t reach its full potential because some people in the group were reluctant to show everybody their own work. Whether this be because they are worried people will steal ideas or something else, I felt as if it wasn’t a very effective use of time and I could have achieved the same feedback from a individual tutorial. I personally feel that in a group tutorial, the purpose of them is to share your ideas and gain feedback from other students as well as having a discussion about every bodies work, however this did not happen today which was disappointing.

Regardless of this, Wendy gave me some good feedback about my outcomes and I will take this in consideration when further developing my concepts over the next week.

Screen printing

On Friday, we had the opportunity to do a screen printing workshop with Nigel Bowles. The workshop first started with Nigel showing us a few examples of screen printing outcomes and then he demonstrated to us how to use the screen printing machines.

We firstly had to make our own paper stencils, I chose to use imagery that I could possibly use for my Size of Wales project. Because they are focused on deforestation, I decided to use imagery of trees. I drew out two different stencils for these imagery, this is so I could create two different layers of colour on the images.

We then began the process of screen printing, we firstly taped our base stencil to the printing board, which has a piece of mesh attached to let the paint through the board onto the paper.  We had to mix our paint, for my trees I chose a lightish green colour, and then we put a line of paint at the top of the screen printing board. Then using the squeegee we pulled the paint across the board so it would transfer onto the paper where the stencil had been cut out. I managed to create 6 sheets of prints using this paint, I left this first print to dry over the weekend and came back on Monday morning to print the second layer of paint onto the design.

Overall, I really enjoyed doing this screen printing workshop. I enjoyed actually creating a physical print and doing something creative as an alternative to always creating my outcomes on my laptops. It will definitely be a process that I use in my work in the future as I loved the effect that it created.


Significance of Information – Project brief

This week we received our brief for our main project we will be undertaking for the last 3 weeks of our field project.

Our brief is to develop an outcome using information that we perceive to be significant. Be it a moment in history that we find inspiring, something personal such as your own music collection, or a documentation of a social issue such as Emmeline Pankhursts’ struggle for the women’s suffrage.  Our outcomes must communicate effectively to a specified audience and our concept will be negotiated through group critique, peer and tutor discussion throughout these next few weeks. The context of our outcome is up to us, it could be a book, moving image, installation and so on.

My immediate reaction to this brief was one of intimidation, simply because it is so open and literally could pretty much be anything we want it to be, when I first read the brief my head went blank and I had no ideas. However over this week I have been researching on topics that I think are of significances, and once I had done this and collated a few idea’s the brief didn’t seem quite so daunting. I wanted my project to be based on information that is important and relevant to the current climate in society.

I had two main idea’s for the topic that I wanted to base this project on:

  1. Animal rights
    In particular the rights of animals in captivity, I did a lot of research on how animals in zoo’s have been ‘put down’ due to human stupidity. For example, at Cincinnati Zoo, when a Gorilla was shot and killed because a 3 year old boy climbed into it’s enclosure. Also, a less recent story at a Chilean zoo, when a suicidal man jumped into a tiger enclosure resulting in two tigers being shot dead and the man surviving.
  2. Protesting
    When scrolling through the trends on twitter there was one entitled ‘How to Protest’, which I thought was relevant because of all the recent protests such as the protests against Donald Trump’s travel ban and also the Women’s Marches. Protesting is something that’ll always be relevant and happening in society, so I thought it could be interesting to look at how you actually protest.

After going in today for our first group tutorial for this project and telling the group my idea’s for the topic, I have decided to focus my project on Protesting. We discussed how I could almost create a starter pack for protesters, teaching them how to protest and so on. Now that I have a set idea and a context I am very excited to proceed with this project and see what comes out of it.