Field Week One

At the start of this project we were assigned groups by Ian, Ray and David, these groups were the groups that we were to be working in for the next 4 weeks on a collaborative project. My group consists of me, Greta, Connor and Jodie.

One of our first tasks as a group was to create a protest placard for a cause of our choosing. As a group we chose to create a placard on whether the UK should stay in the European Union or not. We originally chose this cause because we felt that as a group we knew quite a lot about it and we had the most ideas for it. However we weren’t too happy with our final outcome for this, in hindsight we all felt that we could have chosen a more interesting topic that we were more passionate about and we could’ve come up with a more interesting design for the placard.

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The following day we were briefed on our main project for the following few weeks, we were to create a campaign for a pressure group. Because there are four members in our group we have to create 4 final outcomes. We decided to change our pressure group to so we could create a more interesting campaign that we feel more passionately about. So after doing some research we decided on an animal rights pressure group, in particular about caged animals and there welfare. We felt that with this new subject to base our pressure group around we could come up with a lot more interesting and effective campaign.


Animation – Week 2

Over the weekend I decided that I wanted to base my animation on the transformation of the Ugly Duckling, so my aim was to show the duckling growing into a beautiful swan.

My original plan was to use iStopmotion, however all the suites were booked out all week so unfortunately I wasn’t given the opportunity to use this software. I was quite disappointed by this because I had found the iStopmotion workshop very interesting and I was quite excited to use the software for this project. So instead I decided to borrow a camera from the university instead.

First of all , I started by doing a storyboard of my predicted outcome. I then proceeded to start drawing the transformation out onto paper and taking photos as I would’ve done on iStopmotion. However I found this method was very time consuming and I didn’t really feel like I was getting anywhere with my work, so I decided to scrap this method and start over last minute.

With the new method I decided on, I drew out a starting point image first, and then scanned it in and put it on Photoshop. I then used Photoshop to edit the images and create movement, I found this method a lot more quicker and more effective. After this I placed the jpeg files into Windows movie maker and proceeded to edit the timings to make it flow well. I then found a tune on YouTube which I thought worked well with the piece and edited this on top of the animation.

This is my final outcome:

Overall, I was quite happy with my animation as it was the first time I had ever created an animation. However I felt that if I had a longer period of time to create it I could’ve created something even better, I felt as if the time we were given was very limited for a project that I was so inexperienced on and that was so time consuming.


Animation – Week 1

This week was the start of the last project of the Story module the aim of this section of Story is to ‘create a story that moves’ based on the story that we used for our hand made books.

We started off the week with a presentation from Wendy, in this presentation she introduced us to narattive strategies in animation and also some simple film making techniques. She empthasised that the key to a good piece of animation was to create or arouse emotion within the viewer, she then showed us a few examples of effective animation to inspire us.

Our first task of the week to get us started was to make a circle move. This was to start us thinking about how we could take something as simple as a circle however use it in a way that evoked emotion. Also this helped us get to grips with storyboarding our animations.

We also had two workshops with Matt, one teaching us the basics of IMovie and the next teaching us how to use Istopmotion. I found the Istopmotion workshop particulary interesting because its a tool that I have never used before, and I think it could be a great tool to use in the future.



Type Specimen poster – Final outcome

This is the final outcome for my type specimen poster.

I used the main the letter A as one of the largest letters because firstly I liked the shape of the A and I feel that it sections off the page well, and secondly because obviously its the first letter of the word Avenir. I created this letter using Photoshop because Photoshop allowed me to easily make the A the size that I wanted it. I then placed the word Avenir at the bottom of the page, I really like the way the Avenir type is overlapped, I think it works really well. I then placed the alphabetical and numerical list of Avenir within the inner triangle of the large A. I wanted all the elements to be centered around the the shape of the large A.

Type specimen 

Type specimen orignial

Digital Book – Legends of the Screen

This we we were given a new brief by Dave Taylor, this weeks brief was to design a 12 page booklet about famous directors. It was to be called ‘Legends of the Screen’.

We were given the content for the booklet and also what page each section of content had to be on, and from there it was up to us to design the layout and the design of the booklet.
I started this process by coming up with some thumbnail sketches of potential layouts, I wanted to ensure the layouts on each page were varied to ensure the pace of the booklet was good and not too repetitive.

I then proceeded to start creating these layouts on In-design, I still was quite new and not that confident with In-design when I started In-design when I did this project, but I managed to work by way through it and found it quite enjoyable to use in the end. On every page of the booklet I wanted to ensure that there was a clear hierachy, I did this by using different weights and point sizes of the font that I was usin, which was Avenier.

Legends of the screen Final

1 and 23 and 45 and 67 and 89 and 1011 and 12

Vernacular typography

On Monday the 16th of November we firstly had a lecture about Vernacular type. Vernacular type is basically type in the environment. David then brief us on our vernacular type project, we all got into groups and each group got given a word. We have to visualize the word though expressive typography in a space of choice. The end result of this product was to be an A3 image which we would present to the class on the Tuesday.

Our group was given the word Reveal, we decided to go out a find an area of woodland and tape the word reveal onto the tree in an anamorphic form. The result of this was that you could only ‘reveal’ the word reveal when you looked at the trees from a specific angle.

Reveal Emily Amber, Aimie, Claire

Expressive personality

On second week of the type project we were paired up with another person who we don’t usually work with, I was paired up with Robbie. We then spent time in the afternoon talking with our partners and finding out there different personality traits. Once we had done this we then were asked to choose 3 personality traits of our partners and design a type to represent each personality types. For Robbie I chose to design Impatient, perfectionist and short fuse.

For the personality trait perfectionist I chose to create my own hand rendered font. I used a perfectly geometric font, to do this I used a compass to draw the round section of the text and a ruler to draw all of the straight sections. I also chose to leave in all the construction lines to show the process that has happened into order to create the text. This piece was my favorite because I feel that it represents the word perfectionist the best.

Robbie 1

For impatient I decided to cut up the text and try to make it look as if it was moving.
Robbie 2

Short fuse:
For the final personality trait, short fuse, I tried to make it look as if it was a bomb rope going to exploded. I did this piece by using a graphics tablet and illustrator. However I feel that this one was my weakest piece, partially due to the fact the end part of the rope was technically and image.

Robbie 3