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Competitions – Imagery Development

A piece of feedback that I received from the final presentations was about my imagery. When I gave the presentation I was only using one image throughout the whole of the piece, however this seemed a bit out of place and random because there was only one image. So I was told that I need to either get rid of that one image, or put in more imagery in order to create a better pace and consistency throughout the piece.


As a result of this feedback, I have decided to include more images, because I personally really like the layout of the page with the image on and I feel that it would be a shame to have no images at all because I think it gives the content of the editorial more context and help’s readers visualise the period of time more. But instead of just putting in black and white photos, I decided to render the images and make them into a duotone image in order to make them fit into the design style that I have created and to also again create more consistency and pace. Here are some of the images that I have created so far:

Competitions – Type Development

As part of the development for my editorial spreads, I decided to play around with the use of type a bit more. So I decided to play around with hand rendered type in order to experiment with different formats and styles for my piece. I used watercolour’s to create these pieces as it is a format that I enjoy working with and find relatively easy to get the style that I wanted.




As you can see as I created more I refined the pieces of type a lot more. I focused on the word victory as it is used on one of the pages that I could imagine this hand rendered type being used. One I had created all these piece of experimental type, I picked my favourite and pick out a few more key words from my body and painted them in the same style and font style.


I really liked how the type came out, and once I had created a few different words I scanned it onto Adobe Illustrator and made them into vectors. I then tested out how they would look in my publication.


Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 19.28.25

In the end I decided I didn’t actually like how this type looked on the spreads, so I decided not to use it. However I did really enjoy creating this hand rendered text and I would love to use it again for a different project that it might be more appropriate for.

Competitions – Visit from Tom and Callum

Today we had a visit from two students from the year above us who have now graduated, both Tom and Callum also worked on ISTD briefs when they were in our positions last year and were actually awarded a membership to ISTD as a result of their brilliant pieces. They came in to help us with our pieces for ISTD and to give us some advice and inspiration.

We began with them just talking through with us about the format of the ISTD competitions in general, it was really great hearing about the process from those who have already been through it, and they had some great pieces of advice, especially when it came to designing our accompanying books to our final piece.

We were then given the opportunity to have a one to one conversation with them so they were able to talk through our idea with them and they were able to give us some feedback and advice based on our own personal project. This was really useful and they had loads of brilliant ideas that could help me improve my work, especially when it came to adding in extra imagery and how I could present my overall project when it comes to the ISTD submission next year. They also seemed think I had quite a good idea and told me that I was way ahead then they were this time last year, so it really helped to give me a boost of confidence. Overall it was an extremely useful experience to be able to have access too, it is particularly useful to be able to talk to people who have been through what you have been through so can understand my stresses and concerns.