Immediate Media work placement

This week I have had the pleasure of spending the week based at Immediate Media office in Bristol, in the branded content department doing a week long work placement.


Immediate Media is a multi-platform consumer media business, it currently employees 1350 employees over 5 different locations. The company was formed in November 2011 when Magicalia merged with BBC magazines and Origin Publishing. They have a multi-platform model, that includes print, digital content creation, data management and transactional models. Their print portfolio consists of many of the UK’s best-loved brands and they sell over 74million magazines per year, including the UK’s most profitable magazine brand: the Radio Times.

As you can imagine, I was extremely excited and also apprehensive at the beginning of this week before starting the placement. Immediate is such a successful business that I felt as if I maybe wouldn’t be good enough and would feel really out of my depth working in there, I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to do what they asked of me. However, I quickly realised I was wrong. I was very grateful for the fact everyone in the department was extremely friendly and welcoming and I quickly felt at ease in the office. I began by doing a short photo research task, after that, I was given the task to do a double page spread for the Greater Anglia train magazine. When I was tasked with this I was extremely happy because I knew that editorial layouts are one of the things that I enjoy the most and also feel like I do the best.

On Tuesday most of the Immediate staff were out of the office at a company event, so the office was extremely quiet, however, some of the staff in the branded content department were in the process of launching the newly designed RSPB website. In light of this, my task for the day was to check through all of the newly launched web pages to check for any errors in photos or links etc. Although this job was quite a tedious job, the staff were so thankful for me doing it at the end of the day that it made it worthwhile. Naturally, the process of launching a new website is massive, so they found it extremely useful to have a fresh set of eyes checking over the pages.

When everybody came back on Wednesday, Will (the design director in branded content) tasked me with more work for the Greater Anglia train magazine. I think they had been impressed by my work on it on Monday so they decided to give me 2 double page spreads, and then another 2 double page spreads on Thursday.

Bristol is a city that I have been to a few times but never actually been given a chance to explore. So this week was also the perfect opportunity to get to know Bristol because I know that there is a big design industry here. I loved the fact the city had so many individual shops and restuarants/cafes and I found that it was filled with so much culture and art. I thought the atmosphere across the city was very exciting and trendy, I have definetly found myself falling in love with Bristol over the past week.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Immediate. I found that I came out with such a confidence boost knowing that I was able to complete these tasks to the standard that they would and also knowing that they would be sending my work off to the client to get approved and then eventually printed is extremely exciting. I have been told that they will send me a copy of the magazine when it goes to print for me to include in my portfolio which is brilliant! Will actually said to me that the pace that I was working at is what they expect of a normal designer working there on a permanent basis which naturally was a massive compliment! When it came to leaving on Friday, they actually said that they should be thanking me for coming in because I was very helpful to them  The week has made me so much less apprehensive about graduating university, and I am very sad to be leaving Immediate. I have hopefully made some extremely useful industry contacts which I will definitely be keeping in contact with in the future.