Significance of Information – Reflection


I choose Significance of Information as my second term field project because I wanted to develop on my portfolio work and I knew that the tutor, David Wrenne, would allow me to do this within field. I also knew that David was a tutor I always enjoy working with, and based on my experience within field last year being not so great, I wanted to make sure that I utilised my experience with field this year and ensure that it was as helpful and productive as possible. I am extremely happy that I took this approach to picking this field group because I have throughly enjoyed these 6 weeks and I believe that it has been my favourite field project that I have studied on. I have really enjoyed experimenting and learning about various ways to present information that isn’t just the same old bland pie or line chart. Also I really enjoyed learning about iconography and I definitely will be referencing back to all these techniques I have learnt in my work in the future.

What I firstly liked about getting our brief for the outcome for this project is the fact that it was so open and you could tailor it to be an outcome that is personal to you. When coming up with the initial ideas for the topic I was going to base my outcome on I was originally thinking about doing something to do with Animal rights, however when I was looking at what was trending on Twitter during that period of time, I found an article entitled “how to protest”. I liked the fact that this topic was so relevant to the current situation.

My idea was to create a ‘starter pack’ on how to protest. I wanted to particularly focus in on peaceful protesting because I did not want to be seen to be advocating violent protests, so a lot of the information I gained from my research was based on facts and statistics about peaceful protests. I thought this was relevant to my subject because I could make a piece of editorial containing this information, as well as exploring other ways to present information in this pack. So I wanted a magazine/booklet (which I particularly enjoy creating) as well as other different formats within the pack.

What I found difficult within this project was that because I was effectively setting myself a brief, I really struggled to actually design this pack to a standard that I was happy to within the time constraints. Normally with in a brief it kind of gives you an idea as to what the client is looking for, however because it was for me at times I didn’t really know what I was looking for in terms of design. Therefor if I were to do this project again, I would physically write myself a brief for the project so I could have something to refer back to and pull me back in, because with the project being so open to what you want to do, my mind was running all over the places with different idea’s of design and things I could do.

Overall, I am happy with my outcome, however it’ll definitely be something I work on more before the end of the year because currently I do not feel like it is finished to a standard that I am happy with. I would love to be able to get this project finished and printed out professionally because I am personally very proud of the concept behind it, however I feel that I could definitely do more with it given the time.


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