Significance of Information – Final outcome.

Today came the end of our 6 weeks spent on the Significance of Information field project, and also deadline day. To mark the end, we all came in to present our outcomes to the rest of the group.

For our presentations, we showed the research and development that went into our project  in order to get to the stage we are at now. When it comes to giving presentations, I often find that I get extremely nervous in the run up to them, so today I tried to not think about it to much and think of it more like a feedback session. Because I find when I am in a environment that I feel comfortable and not under pressure I am able to talk a lot more freely and more confidently. This tac tick worked in the sense that I wasn’t particularly nervous in the run up to presentation, however when it came to giving the presentation I spoke really quickly and got my words jumbled up some times. I think that for me in particular, giving these presentations is a really useful experience because it is helping me work on my presentation skills, however it is definitely something I still need to work on and improve a lot.

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Overall, for my final piece I would’ve loved to have it a lot more finished for the presentation. However given the 3 weeks we had to complete this project, I am happy with what I have achieved and I know it is definitely a project I will be working more on in the next few months, because it is a project that I have become quite passionate about over the last few weeks and I would love to have a finished outcome to include in my portfolio. So watch this space.

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