The Significance of Information – Beautiful Systems

On Thursday, my group met up to discuss the results of our observations on Tuesday and talk about what outcomes we wanted to create. These where some of our results:

We each decided to take one section of the information each. Emma took how people reacted on social media, Billy how people moved around the paper and then I took how people Verbally and Facially reacted to the paper. Together, we drew up some initial ideas on how we could layout and design each one, and then we decided to meet again on Monday to look at each others designs and make sure that they all correlate which each others designs.


This is the infographic that I designed over the weekend. I converted all of the reaction data into percentages and then sized each individual foot so it represented the accurate percentage. The idea of the feet came from our meeting on Thursday, billy used lots of feet so I decided to use feet as well to correlate with his design. Each colour represents a different reaction, so we categorised the results into 3 categories: Ignored, Facial reaction and Verbal reaction. Overall I am very happy with the outcome of this, however if I were to improve it I would use a graphic that is more representative of the different reactions. This is definitely something I would experiment with in the near future.

Beautiful systems presentation

On Tuesday 24th we met in the studio in the morning to present our final outcomes for the beautiful systems project to David and the rest of the group. Our feedback from David was that we needed to categorise the data from the social media results, instead of the results just being on one page. Also maybe to make the colours clearer so that the footsteps on the movement image were more distinguishable.


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