Goddesses and Monsters study group

For the formative assessment in December, I firstly started the planning of the essay by doing a columns analysis on the image that I have chosen to analyse. To do this columns analysis I firstly started by picking out all the features of the image that I wanted to chosen. In the second column I then expanded on these features and made them into points that I could expanded upon even further in my essay. Finally, in the last column I went through all my notes and readings that I wanted to use, and took quotes and applied them to each of the points. I found this process the hardest because sometimes I find that it is hard to find a specific quote for each of the points and that sometimes not all of the points have a relevant piece of theory to go with them. However I over came these issues by doing my own individual research on the topic and finding readings of my own that could help back up these points, all of the readings that I looked at can be found in the bibliography of my essay.

One of the theories that most interested me whilst I was doing this essay was Freud’s theory of castration fear. I think I found this theory particularly interesting because I have studied Freud before at AS level Psychology, and even then I found his idea’s interesting, so I think I really enjoyed being able to go back to this theory but apply it to a real life situation. I think I also find the theory of castration fear interesting because now that I have studied it, I can almost apply it to a lot of different situations in real life.
Another theory that I found interesting from this study group is the idea of the features and what make’s somebody seen to be glamorous. Often you don’t even realise when you are conforming to societies idea’s on what it is to be glamorous, so actually analysing the features was really interesting. Also, the fact that quite a significant part of what it means to be glamorous comes from Freud’s theory of castration fear.

I definitely think that I will be using columns analysis out side of constellation, I find that this method really helps me break down the points and helps me give my essays and general writing a lot more structure. I used to find that I ramble a lot and can go off topic, however using the columns analysis structure helps me be concise and too the point, meaning that I can include a lot more relevant points in my writing.


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