Publish! Week 3

This week in field we began creating our main piece of work for the project. The brief is simply to make a journal of our choosing, individually or in groups. For it we have to create our own brief to help decide the purpose and content of our journal. It could be:

  • Image based or text based or a mixture of the two
  • A catalogue that records our creative practice or somebody else’s creative practice
  • A catalogue that records/promotes outcomes of a creative practice
  • A celebration of an enthusiasm
  • An expansion of our work in constellation
  • A piece of social commentary
  • An expression of identity
  • Or a story

Me, Abbi and Amber decided to work on this project as team, partially because we believe that we work as a team and partially because we felt we could create something more substantial as a team in the time that we have been given. We decide to create a new prospectus for students joining the Graphic Communication course at Cardiff Met. We did this because we feel that the course is something that we are all passionate about as a team and we wanted to create something creative and new to represent this passion.



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