Publish – Week 2

Today in field, we were put into pairs to design a magazine cover for a topic of our choice. I was paired up with Amber and we decided to design our cover based on cycling.

Our first task was to decide what type of cycling magazine we wanted our publication to be, in the end we want to base in on the environment that we cycle in. We chose the heading “the world’s deadliest tracks” for this particular issue of our publication. A big reason why we chose this topic is because we felt that we could create the most visually appealing magazine on this topic in the time frame we were given.

We chose to name our magazine Ride. We wanted something short and snappy and a name that easily rolls off the tongue, we were surprised to find that no cycling magazine that we could find in our research already used this name.

We decided on the layout of our magazine cover after doing research on other cycling covers. We found that a lot of current cycling magazines use a really similar and frankly quite boring layout, so we wanted our magazine to stand out from other cycling magazines. To do this we decided to stay away from using the main image covering the whole page, instead we placed it in different places on the page and created a white border almost.



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