Client Side – M.A.P

For the client side of this project I have developed my own brand based around a ‘travel agents’.

M.A.P – 

(Music, adventure, passion)


  • Providing and easy and efficient service
  • Fun and friendly
  • Young and fresh
  • Adventurous and active
  • Passionate



Thompson –

Thomas Cook –

The Festival Calendar

Target Audience

Our brand is target at young people, male or female, between the age of 18 to 25. Our target audience will have a passion for music and a need for adventure. They typically will be either students or in a non degree specified job

About Map

MAP is a fresh and young company originating from a group of friends passion for music festivals and travelling. The idea is to help and encourage other people to begin travelling, starting with festivals based all around the world, this is a great way to travel the world and experience lots of different cultures as well as centring in on the target audiences passion for music. MAP was originally set up online, now wants to develop their business by offering a app to consumers, which they can used to help tailor their first/next festival holiday. The app should offer a range of different options for their festival holiday, including all inclusive packages which will included the delivering of all the consumers festival needs to the festival campsite to help them have an easy, stress free experience. On top of this, the all inclusive packages include the festival tickets, flights and transfers.



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