The beginning of level 5 – BrandWorld

Today was our first day back in the studio after our summer break. We began with a welcome back lecture on branding from Ian, in preparation for the beginning of our first project for 2nd year, BrandWorld.

What is a brand?

A brand is an organisation’s

  • Personality – The impression that the organisation wants to make on the target audience.
  • Beliefs
  • Values – Words which describe the organisation and how you would like the organisation to be perceived.
  • Behaviour
  • Attitude – The brands tone of voice and the language that it used
  • Aspiration

However, a brand is also made up of identity, the product and the marketing.
Identity is: The logo, name, font, sound, copy, images and the key colour used.
Product is: The materials, finish, experience, packaging, price point used.
Marketing is: How media, TV, shops, leaflets, websites and newspapers are used.

After this talk we were then briefed on our project for the upcoming few weeks.

To start off with, we were to be a client. We will be given a random company and we have to create a description, personality and brand values for that company. The end result will be a completed job bag with a design brief, a persona, a mood board, the brand values, the target audience and a description of our company. We will hand these job bags into Ian.

 The second part of this project will be the designer side. Ian will give us each somebody else’s job bag and we have to create a brand language/visual identity/tone of voice appropriate for the company that we will have been given.




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