Updated Animation

This week I have also redone/updated my animation in line with the comments from my feedback on my previous animation.

The feedback that I received was:

  • Overall a very nice animation
  • Include sfx of ducks and water
  • Swan looks more like a dragon

So I firstly began changing my animation by redesigning a new swan for the ugly duckling to transform into. I did this first by hand drawing my swan, and then scanning the swan into Illustrator and going over the lines I had drawn to get a sharper edge. I re did my swan many times in order to create the effect of the swans wings moving, so I started by gradully pulling the wings further up the page to create the sense that the swans wings are extending. I then put all the images together on windows movie maker, ideally I wanted to use Mac software, however I don’t have access to this at home currently and didn’t get the opportunity to go in university for this animation. I also slightly redesigned the background, just by editing it slightly on Photoshop to give the elements a clear edge. Finally my last change to my animation was the addition of sound effects. It was recommended in my feedback that I use some duck and water sound effects so I had a look online to see if I could find any and over laid them on top of my original music.

Overall, I still don’t feel as if I am entirely happy with my animation. I feel that if I were to do the story project again, I would completely scrap my current theme of the Ugly duckling and start a fresh with a new theme. However, considering I don’t have much previous animation knowledge I am please with what I have created.


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