Developed Type Specimen

This week I decided to develop my type specimen poster in response to my feedback I received from David. The feedback I received was:

  • Strong and clear hierarchy
  • Dynamic sense of play within the piece
  • Lack of special characters
  • Opacity gives the final piece depth and the tint on the background works successfully
  • Body copy set well but the line length is too long
  • More exploration of layout and your grid system may benefit

In response to this I decided to add in an extra row of special characters in the letter and the number part of my poster. Including the special characters in the poster shows the potential of the typeface.

I also decided to change the formatting of the three blocks of text on my poster. David said that my line lengths were too long so I decided to scrap the way the paragraphs where wrap around the diagonal edge of the A and instead also take his advice about using the grid system and layout more. So I changed the paragraphs so they instead fitted across two columns with two vertical edges. I feel this benefits the type specimen poster because it makes the blocks of text easier for the viewer to read and gives a sense of a stronger grid system within the piece.

Type specimen updatedType specimen


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