Editorial development

Since my previous group tutorial, I have changed a developed my idea quite a bit. I decided upon focusing the imagery on hands and to create some really cool photos with paint dripping off the hands. This is to represent how the world is our hands and its up to us to change climate change. So in order to create these photos I booked out the photography studio and arranged my hand models.

Whilst waiting for the day to come that I had booked out the photography studio I started mocking up my thumbnail sketches of layout ideas onto Indesign and choosing my columns and my margins. I created several different layouts on Indesign, but I found myself struggling to visualise it properly without the photos, so I was extremely keen to get on with the imagery.

I enlisted Amber to be my hand model for the day, and we made our way down to the photography studio armed with paint and a lot of newspaper. I explained my concept to Mal and he helped me set up a great lighting setting and also very kindly lent me one of his cameras. Me and Amber then played around with various different poses and different ways of incorporating the paints into these images. Overall I was extremely happy with the way the imagery turned out, as they were really high quality effective photos. These are some of my favourite photos.

Once I had the photos I then had all that I needed to start putting all the elements of the spread together.


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