Editorial briefing

This we were briefed on our last project of first year. This was to be an editorial project. For this project we have been asked to design 3 double page spreads. This piece of work is also intended to be our exhibition pieces at the end of the term as well.

To start off the project David put a series of various articles on Moodle and asked us to choose one of these articles to base our double page spreads around. The article that stuck out to be was an article on global warming called ‘This Changes Everything’. Therefor this would be the article on which my final piece of work this year would be based around.

To begin my process of designing my double page spreads, I firstly read through the entire article in depth and picked out what areas of the article I found particularly interesting, or a line of text that particularly stuck out to me. Some of the quotes that I pulled out of the article were:

  • “Capitalism instead of carbon”
  • “The cost of doing nothing”
  • “The economy is at war with many forms of life on earth”
  • “Is this just human nature?”

I also then did a bit of my own research on climate change and the economy. Some of the main points that I found out from my own research was how its human activity that is causing climate change. However as the economy is developing more and more, climate change is becoming a much larger issue because we are getting more money and therefor spending that money on objects that create climate change.

I then started coming up with some imagery and layout ideas.

Finally we had a group tutorial with David and other members of the course. I showed them and talked through all my work and ideas with them. I found this session extremely useful and they all came up with ideas and developments for my project that I hadn’t yet considered.


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