Editorial image workshop

This week the year group was divided into two groups and each group was assigned a day with David for two workshops. The first workshop of the day was the editorial image workshop.

The workshop began by David doing a presentation on editorial image. The aim of editorial image is to communicate the message within the text effectively. David showed us various examples of effective editorial imagery. He then briefed us on our task for this workshop, we were to be given a piece of text within our groups and we had to deconstruct and identity the key messages within this piece of text, and then create a piece of imagery to go along with this piece of text.

The text that we were given was based on Eco-friendly ways of hair removal, we decided that this piece of text would most likely appear in a woman’s health magazine and there probably would be a bit of humor in it rather than being a serious article. So our task was to create a piece of imagery that represents this.
Within the article the overall point was that the most Eco-friendly way of hair removal was waxing, so we decided to take this concept and work it into our imagery. We played around with a few ideas such as superhero hair removal equipment, however this was the imagery that we ended up choosing.


The idea behind our image was an un-groomed pair of woman’s legs, we wanted to have it as if the shape words “Eco Wise” was waxed out of the hair on her legs. However due to the time constraints in this workshop we didn’t have enough time to create this effectively so instead we quickly mocked up and illustration of what we wanted it to look like.



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