One day editorial project

On Friday the 15th April, David arranged a one day editorial project for us to help us get into the head space of editorial and help us with ideas for our main editorial project. The aim for this mini project was to create a zine style editorial piece, consisting of 4 double page spreads, in groups of 4.

I was in a group with Amber, Abbi and Sarah and were given the topic Aurora Borealis. After doing some basic research on our topic we decided on going down the route of doing a zine about information on the Aurora Borealis and the science behind it. Almost to convince people to go there.

We first started out by sourcing information and images from the internet on the Aurora Borealis. Then we started editing our images, we had to keep in mind that the zines would be printed in gray-scale so we needed to create images that would still look effective when you take away the colour that the Northern Lights are so famously associated with. For the images we decided on a dot effect to make the images look interesting and distinctive. I think that when printed out these images look really effective on the colour paper.

For the text in our editorial we decided on using Avenir. We then used different point sizes and weights to show hierarchy within the text. We also decided to enclose the titles of the pages in a box, this is to make them stand out more against the background images and give even more hierarchy.

Overall I really enjoyed doing this mini project, I feel like if we could improve it we would’ve needed more time as obviously a one day project is very limited on time. However given the time constraints I think we came up with and developed a really effective piece of editorial.

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