Magazine Spreads

Over the Easter break, David set us the task of finding 5 double page spreads from magazines that we think are beautiful.



The first double page spread that I thought was beautiful was from the 6th issue of 99U . What I loved about this particular magazine is the recurring theme throughout the magazine, this being the black and white photographs with some of the headings and quotations being in a orange colour. I feel like this really ties the magazine together and makes it look really slick and elegant. I like the way they placed a quotation over the top of the photograph of the person, making it seem as it if the person in the photograph said this quotation, i feel this links the photograph into the block of text. I think the use of a duo tone in this magazine is a really effective way of empathizing different bits of text that want to stand out from the other blocks of text, such as headers or quotations.  The grid system used is a three column page.


I have chosen another spread from 99U for one of my 5 magazines spread. I like this spread in particular because of the inverting of the background, rather than sticking to the usual white background with white text they have instead using white text on a black background. I feel like this makes the design look stunning, again like with the previous spread I looked at from 99U they have again chosen a single colour to use to pick out the headings in the text, I think this is effective because it creates a boundary and separates two different blocks of text. This spread uses a 3 column rule. I also like the way that the title of the article spreads across the whole two pages, this makes it feel like a single page.

Gluck magazine


The second magazine spread I loved was from Gluck magazine. The magazine uses a 6 column system, and I think this is very effective in this spread, I love the way that the magazine has used the columns to overlay different imagery and text. I also think the use of negative space is great in this spread.





For my fourth magazine spread that I think is beautiful I have chosen this spread from Observe magazine. One reason why I love this spread is because of the use of the block of colour, I feel like this draws the observers eye across the page. I also like the use of the blue border to contain the block of text and the imagery, this ties the text and the image in together. The way the title of the page has been placed outside of this border really gives a sense of hierarchy. The spread uses a 3 column layout.



I have chosen this spread from Grafik because I love the placement of the imagery and text across the page. I like the way the words ‘domino’ draws your eye across the page. I also love the way the larger letters are overlapping the blocks of text because I feel as if this links the text in with the imagery. Again, like with many of the other magazines I have chosen, I like the use of a a duo tone within this spread.



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