Field individual response

To start off my poster for the field individual response brief,I began by re-reading through the various Future generations act, this is so I could pick up bits of researching in order to create my block of text. I then also began researching various duo tone typographic posters, I found that the website Typo-graphic posters was very useful due to the abundance of fantastic typographic posters they have on there website.

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On Monday 7th March, I had a tutorial with Ray, in this tutorial Ray ran over what I had missed in the image workshop when I was ill the previous Monday, we then sat down and went through my ideas and my layouts. Ray suggested the idea of using scissors for the imagery in the posters because scissors are an integral part of many different disciplines of art and design, and they can have a very beautiful shape.

By the Tuesday the 14th of March I had an initial design of my poster ready for a formative assessment that day. We went in and all put an A2 black and white copy of our posters, along with a AIndividual response poster FINAL -page-001.jpg4 colour version up on the boards, the idea was that David and Ray along with the group gave each of our posters feedback so then we could go away and improve our posters for the final submission date on Friday. I wasn’t very happy with this initial design, so I was very happy that we had a session where I could obtain feedback and go away and improve my poster, I felt that the feedback inspired me to create a much better design.
Some of the feedback i received was;

  • They liked the way I had laid out quotation , however some of the kerning was off.
  • Too much text
  • Could try a different colour scheme
  • Font is quite old fashioned


I then went away and took this feedback into mind and redesigned my poster, I am much happier with this new design. I think the colour scheme is effective, and I really like the layout of the quotation, however if I were to do this project again I would try and find my own imagery, however I struggled with this because I could source any nice looking scissors, even the ones in textiles were covered in plastic!

Individual response poster new and final-page-001




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