Expressive Typography

Monday 29th of February marked the start of the 3 week individual response section of field. Our brief was to create an A2 single sided, two colour poster, the poster had to contain 3 elements; image, expressive typography and a block of text. The poster had to be based on my observations and perceptions of the role of graphic design in shaping our future. Then as a second section to this project we were asked to create another piece of work in another context or platform, but it had to be created using the graphic language from the poster.

On Tuesday, I attended a expressive typography workshop with David Wrenne, to this we were asked to bring a range of statements relating to the future of Graphic Design. The workshop starting with David showing us a short clip of Stephen Fry giving a speech, the clip was focused on one line “He was so famous, simply for the way he dressed”. We listened to the clip multiple times and David asked us to create a piece of expressive type that is written in the way that Stephen says the statement.

2016-03-01 14.58.00

After this activity, David asked us to use our statements that we had researched before the workshop, and apply the same process to them. To create a piece of expressive typography that can be read the way it should be said in real life. The quote that I used was “Design creates culture, culture shapes values, values determine the future” this was a quote from Robert L Peters.

2016-03-01 15.57.20

I very much enjoyed this workshop with David because it encouraged me to think a lot more about how I want my type to be read when I design it, this also meant I thought a lot about the hierarchy of the text and which words should be larger than others.


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