Interdisciplinary Field Project

This week we begun a new a very different project, instead of being in the Graphics Studio like normal, the class was divided up into several different groups that were mixed in with other students from CSAD. The theme of this project was ‘Future Generations’ and it was to last two weeks.

To begin this section of field, we were asked to pair up with a person that we haven’t met previously, I paired up with Kieron who studies Architecture. In our pair we had to discuss what we had been doing in the first few weeks of Field within our subject. The lecturers then went around the room and asked each person what they had been doing, and then proceeding to give each project a individual title on the whiteboard. The similar titles where then merged together until we had around 7 main titles, these titles were to be the topic of each subgroup within this larger group. I was put into “The Great Outdoors” group.

As a group we then decided what we wanted our project to be focused on, we decided to aim the project at parents, in order to encourage them to get their children to play away from the screen more and make use of the outdoors. We then all went away with a research/design task in hand and agreed to meet again on Thursday to show all these ideas.

When we then split and went into individual working on each of our tasks we started finding that some of the group started making excuses as to why they couldn’t come into University to meet up and run through the project. This was very annoying because it meant as a group we weren’t working together and the project wasn’t getting done.
Due to most of the group no longer contributing to the project, it was left to three group members to get the project done. Amber and I worked hard together to get an leaflet, billboard poster and presentation together, and one other team member created another poster and a mini game. Even with the lack of support from the rest of the group, I still feel we managed to get together good piece of work given the time constraints.

On Tuesday, we were to give a presentation in front of the rest of the group and the lecturers. Overall I feel that the presentation was a success, all of the group members that turned up contributed and talked the group through our project. We received some very positive feedback about our concept, and they liked how it could be expanded to numerous amounts of different games, the lecturers also like how we showed the poster in a setting on a billboard.

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The idea behind our project was quite simple, we decided to create handouts to give to parents them to inspire them to get their children to play outdoors rather than relying on technology entertained. We came up with the idea of using games that children love playing on their tablets for example, and coming up with real life 3D versions, this is in order to make the children want to go out and play rather than just telling them too.

Overall, due to the lack of support and communication from the group during this field project, I didn’t really enjoy the overall project, and I very much look forward to going back to working within the graphics group.



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