Campaign group – Final Outcomes

When we regrouped to discuss our progress with David, we realised that all of us weren’t particularly clear of what sort of design the outcomes should have etc. David also pointed out that a leaflet and a magazine are quite similar so we should do one or the other not both. David then suggest a few other ideas for the campaign and also the fact that our logo didn’t really need any imagery on it, and that it could just be a typographic logo.

After the meeting we agreed as a group that we all felt a bit lost, so we took David’s idea into consideration and decided to spend the next few days scrapping what we already had in terms of our individual work and to regrouping to create a fresh new design. So instead of a leaflet I took on the task of create a short animation advertising our pressure group. For this we booked out an animation suite and used one of Greta’s teddies and took various photos. I then edited this altogether with Connors voice over and a backing track to create an advertisement. To see our video click here.
I think if I where to do this project again I would ensure that from the start all members of the group have a clear idea of the style that we are going for, and also I would ensure the group is spending more time working on the project in University with the other members around so we can all contribute to each others work.

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