Field week 2 – #breakthecage

The next step in our pressure group project was to design an identity for our pressure group, we named our pressure group #breakthecage. This is to link in with the main theme behind our pressure group, the idea of being against caging animals. We liked the name #breakthecage because we want to target our group at young adults between the age of 18 to 30, the idea of using the hashtag means it is very relevant in the current social situation which will make it more pertinent to our target demographic. Also using the hashtag shows that we have a social networking focus, meaning it is easy to spread word about our organisation using the hashtag for example on twitter. We decided to stick to a monochrome theme for our logo, this makes it very easy to transfer to various different formats. We chose a text that is modern and very easy to read and recognise. We used the giraffe because we decided that our work would have a geometric theme, so the logo will link in with the other formats we use.


After we designed the logo we each agreed a piece of work to design individually, for me I choose to design a leaflet, Greta a poster, Connor the website and finally Jodie a magazine. To start off and to inspire me, I began to research various other leaflets from other animal rights pressure groups and also from random companies. I then began sketching layouts and research information that I could put into the leaflet.

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