Field Week One

At the start of this project we were assigned groups by Ian, Ray and David, these groups were the groups that we were to be working in for the next 4 weeks on a collaborative project. My group consists of me, Greta, Connor and Jodie.

One of our first tasks as a group was to create a protest placard for a cause of our choosing. As a group we chose to create a placard on whether the UK should stay in the European Union or not. We originally chose this cause because we felt that as a group we knew quite a lot about it and we had the most ideas for it. However we weren’t too happy with our final outcome for this, in hindsight we all felt that we could have chosen a more interesting topic that we were more passionate about and we could’ve come up with a more interesting design for the placard.

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The following day we were briefed on our main project for the following few weeks, we were to create a campaign for a pressure group. Because there are four members in our group we have to create 4 final outcomes. We decided to change our pressure group to so we could create a more interesting campaign that we feel more passionately about. So after doing some research we decided on an animal rights pressure group, in particular about caged animals and there welfare. We felt that with this new subject to base our pressure group around we could come up with a lot more interesting and effective campaign.


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