Animation – Week 2

Over the weekend I decided that I wanted to base my animation on the transformation of the Ugly Duckling, so my aim was to show the duckling growing into a beautiful swan.

My original plan was to use iStopmotion, however all the suites were booked out all week so unfortunately I wasn’t given the opportunity to use this software. I was quite disappointed by this because I had found the iStopmotion workshop very interesting and I was quite excited to use the software for this project. So instead I decided to borrow a camera from the university instead.

First of all , I started by doing a storyboard of my predicted outcome. I then proceeded to start drawing the transformation out onto paper and taking photos as I would’ve done on iStopmotion. However I found this method was very time consuming and I didn’t really feel like I was getting anywhere with my work, so I decided to scrap this method and start over last minute.

With the new method I decided on, I drew out a starting point image first, and then scanned it in and put it on Photoshop. I then used Photoshop to edit the images and create movement, I found this method a lot more quicker and more effective. After this I placed the jpeg files into Windows movie maker and proceeded to edit the timings to make it flow well. I then found a tune on YouTube which I thought worked well with the piece and edited this on top of the animation.

This is my final outcome:

Overall, I was quite happy with my animation as it was the first time I had ever created an animation. However I felt that if I had a longer period of time to create it I could’ve created something even better, I felt as if the time we were given was very limited for a project that I was so inexperienced on and that was so time consuming.



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