Animation – Week 1

This week was the start of the last project of the Story module the aim of this section of Story is to ‘create a story that moves’ based on the story that we used for our hand made books.

We started off the week with a presentation from Wendy, in this presentation she introduced us to narattive strategies in animation and also some simple film making techniques. She empthasised that the key to a good piece of animation was to create or arouse emotion within the viewer, she then showed us a few examples of effective animation to inspire us.

Our first task of the week to get us started was to make a circle move. This was to start us thinking about how we could take something as simple as a circle however use it in a way that evoked emotion. Also this helped us get to grips with storyboarding our animations.

We also had two workshops with Matt, one teaching us the basics of IMovie and the next teaching us how to use Istopmotion. I found the Istopmotion workshop particulary interesting because its a tool that I have never used before, and I think it could be a great tool to use in the future.




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