Digital Book – Legends of the Screen

This we we were given a new brief by Dave Taylor, this weeks brief was to design a 12 page booklet about famous directors. It was to be called ‘Legends of the Screen’.

We were given the content for the booklet and also what page each section of content had to be on, and from there it was up to us to design the layout and the design of the booklet.
I started this process by coming up with some thumbnail sketches of potential layouts, I wanted to ensure the layouts on each page were varied to ensure the pace of the booklet was good and not too repetitive.

I then proceeded to start creating these layouts on In-design, I still was quite new and not that confident with In-design when I started In-design when I did this project, but I managed to work by way through it and found it quite enjoyable to use in the end. On every page of the booklet I wanted to ensure that there was a clear hierachy, I did this by using different weights and point sizes of the font that I was usin, which was Avenier.

Legends of the screen Final

1 and 23 and 45 and 67 and 89 and 1011 and 12


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