Expressive personality

On second week of the type project we were paired up with another person who we don’t usually work with, I was paired up with Robbie. We then spent time in the afternoon talking with our partners and finding out there different personality traits. Once we had done this we then were asked to choose 3 personality traits of our partners and design a type to represent each personality types. For Robbie I chose to design Impatient, perfectionist and short fuse.

For the personality trait perfectionist I chose to create my own hand rendered font. I used a perfectly geometric font, to do this I used a compass to draw the round section of the text and a ruler to draw all of the straight sections. I also chose to leave in all the construction lines to show the process that has happened into order to create the text. This piece was my favorite because I feel that it represents the word perfectionist the best.

Robbie 1

For impatient I decided to cut up the text and try to make it look as if it was moving.
Robbie 2

Short fuse:
For the final personality trait, short fuse, I tried to make it look as if it was a bomb rope going to exploded. I did this piece by using a graphics tablet and illustrator. However I feel that this one was my weakest piece, partially due to the fact the end part of the rope was technically and image.

Robbie 3


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