Type Specimen Poster – Week 1

Type specimen briefing.

This week we were given the brief for our main outcome for the type module. We have been asked to create a type specimen poster based on a font that David has assigned us. The font that I have been given by David is Avenir.

The poster has to be A2 in size, portrait or landscape and must be only in monochrome. The poster has to contain 3 paragraphs of text, the first being about the person who designed the typeface, the second about the typeface and the third about the context it is intended to be used in.

Layout, Hierarchy and the Grid.

David then proceeded to give us a presentation on Layouts Hierarchy and the Grid system so we could be prepared to use all of these concepts in our type specimen poster.


Layout is the positioning of various elements on a page in order to create a good balance and contrast between positive space and the elements on the page. It is important for a design to have balance, contrast and a clear path for the eye.

 Type setting

Type setting is where a block of text sits on a page
Centered type is classified as lines of uneven length on a central axis
Justified text is when both the left and right edges of the text a both even.
Rag is usually refers to the uneven vertical margin of a a block of text. A block of text can either be flushed left or flushed right.
Finally line spacing is the area in between each line in a block of text, the line spacing can be changed depending on how easily you want the text to be read, if the spacing is too narrow or wide it can be difficult to read.

Centered type
Justified type









The grid

A grid system is used in a document to help the designer layout the elements on the page. The most simple grid is formed of one collumn and is surrounded by a margin.
The golden section is one type of grid system. The golden section describes the relationship between two proportions. It has been used in western art and architecture for thousands of years. It follows the formula a:b=b:(a+b)

Type specimen research.

To begin the process of designing my type specimen poster, I began by researching various type specimen posters and typographic posters to get an idea of layout and give me inspiration for my design.

Avenir type specimen poster thumbnail




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