Hypography 6 word poster

On Friday the 6th of November we were introduced to the world of hybrid fonts by David. A hybrid font is basically when each letter is cut up and merged with a different font to create a odd looking font.
In the morning David did a workshop with us where we selected various words and had to create a typeface in a way that represents each word, however the twist was that the typeface had to be a hybrid typeface.

In the afternoon David briefed us on our hybrid typography project. For this project we had to chose a Shakespeare story and write a 6 letter sentence that sums up the story. So I chose Romeo and Juliet and I created the sentence ‘Love is desire, Death is choice’. Then with the sentence we had to create an A3, black and white, typographic poster.
I was very happy with my final outcome, however I feel that I could’ve related the hybrid type to the letters a bit more, for example I feel that the love and the death has a very similar hybrid however I could’ve made the death hybrid more jagged to represent the word better.

6 word story Romeo and Juliet final piece.jpg


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