After the book making workshop with Sarah Edmonds, we were then asked to design and make our own storybooks as a summary of the story project. Olwen and Jay asked us to choose a already existing story and base our own book on it. The book that I chose was the Ugly Duckling because it was one of my favorite books as a child.

I started out by summarizing the story in my sketch book which helped me work out how many pages I needed my book to have and the layout of the pages. I started my book originally in portrait, but then I thought that the illustrations would work better in landscape, so I changed the orientation of it.
I started of the designing of the inside of my book by design the key characters, such as the ugly duckling, I wanted to go for quite simplistic illustrations as I find that illustration isn’t my strongest point. I firstly created a mock up book to come up with ideas and test the layout and then i began on the creating of my book.

When creating the book, one of the tests that I came across was coming up with the text to put in the book, I wanted to follow the story line but it still be my own.
Lastly I binded and covered my book using the technique that Sarah had showed us in the workshops at the beginning of the story book process. When I first started the story book I had planned on using the letterpress in my book, however I wasn’t able to have to that opportunity.

When it came to presenting our books, I felt as if I had quite understood the brief properly. I realised that what was wanted was a more dynamic book with a bit of a twist on it rather than a traditional book. So I plan on re-doing my book to meet the brief better.



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