Cardiff in typographic letterforms

This week signified the beginning of a new project, the type project which would last over a period of 3 weeks. It started on the morning of Tuesday the 3rd of November we did a type hunt around Cardiff City center. David separated us into small groups and gave each group 3 types of type faces to find examples of, our group had to look for Humanist, minuscule and trifurcated typefaces.

A humanist typeface has a slightly sloped cross bar, slightly slanted stress, small in x-height, and finally doesn’t have a massive contrast between thick and thin strokes. We found that it was reasonably easily to find humanist typefaces, however it was more difficult to distinguish between a humanist typeface and a transitional typeface. This is because a transitional typeface doesn’t look to different from humanist, it just has perfectly vertical stresses, and a straight cross bar.

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A minuscule typeface is when all the letters are in lowercase. This was the easiest type of typeface to find.

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A trifurcated typeface is when each letter has three serifs on it. This was the most difficult typeface to find and we mostly found examples of bifurcated letter forms.

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In the afternoon we were back in the Graphics studio, David then surprised us by telling us that he had arranged a pop up exhibition in the reception of the Art and design block. The title of the exhibition was ‘Captured Letterforms’. To make the exhibition we had to choose part of a word or a single letter from our pictures from the type hunt earlier on in the day, then we had to blow the letters up to A3 or A2 and cut them out, we then all went downstairs to reception and worked out how to display all of the captured letter forms. I thought the result of the exhibition was really effective.

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