Book making workshop

On Wednesday 21st October we had a workshop on book making with Sarah Edmonds.
We started off the day with Sarah firstly showing us her collection of various books in order to give us some inspiration. Then Sarah demonstrated to us how to make 2 different styles of booklets.

2015-11-08 18.22.59

2015-11-08 18.22.24The first book we made involved us folding an A3 piece of paper into 8 sections then cutting down a line between the middle two sections. The result of this method is an A6 book, that folds out like a normal book.

2015-11-08 18.24.14

The 2015-11-08 18.23.40second book we made was more of a zigzag book. We had to fold the A3 paper into 16 sections and then cut into it, as shown in the picture. This results again into an A6 a book which opens in a concertina style.

We then started to 2015-10-21 12.41.35create our own book ideas, Sarah showed us a few more techniques such as how to create
pockets into the books. For my book I chose to start making a book for children that could be used as a tool to help them learn how to
Each page had a word category on it such as animals or food, and two pockets.2015-10-21 12.41.31In each pocket was cut out letters which the child could arrange to form a word. I drew the picture of each word on the front of the pocket. I was quite happy with the base idea of this book, 2015-10-21 12.12.42however if I was to do it again I feel as if each category should have more than two words to spell, and there should be more than 4 categories in a book.


2015-10-21 14.52.28

In the afternoon, Sarah firstly taught us how to bind a book. I started this by nesting a few sheets of paper together. We then cut into the sheets of paper to make different shapes in order to make the paper look more exciting and interesting. After this, we made 3 wholes along the fold line of the stack of paper, then we took a piece of string that was 3 2015-10-21 14.52.11times the length of the book and proceeded to start binding the pieces of paper together. We had to go through the center hole, up to the top hole, down to the bottom hole, and then finish by going back through the center hole and tying the piece of string together.
Finally, Sarah taught us how to make a cover to our books. This involved cutting out two pieces of foam board out that was approximately 1 inch bigger than the actual pieces of paper. We then had to cover the foam board in fabric and stick the front and last page of the book onto the foam board.

2015-10-21 15.22.202015-10-21 15.23.58
2015-10-21 15.45.20