Image project

For the image project I was given the word ‘lost’ to concentrate my theme on.
For begin this project I started off by thinking of what lost means. I came up with the idea of being physically lost for example in a location, or being emotionally lost in the sense that you are sure what to do or where to go next with something. For this project I decided to center in around both of these two main themes.

I firstly went out into the local area to take photos of varying different sign posts, one problem I occurred here was that because all road directions etc have an English translation as well as a welsh translation, a lot of the sign posts where very big and quite unattractive. However I managed to find a few that I liked.
I then took these photos onto Photoshop and edited them all onto an individual sign post, so the overall effect was a sign post with lost of different directions on it. I feel like this signifies the not knowing of what direction to go in next. I then put the signpost into illustrator to create the border around the edge, this was to create a crisp line.
Finally I created the background, this was made up of another piece of imagery from the signposts of a tree/foliage environment. I feel like this represented the theme well because forests and areas of dense woodland are particularly easy to get lost in. I chose quite a muted colour scheme because I felt as if the topic I was aiming for isn’t a particularly positive topic and there for muted colours could represent this feeling of being down about being lost.

Final piece


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