Letterpress workshop

2015-10-13 14.34.28

This week I had the chance to take part in a letterpress workshop with Kim.

The workshop started with Kim demonstrating how to use the letterpress room and where to find each different letter and font style and size, then how to set up a galley, and finally onto the process of actually printing the text.

We then had the opportunity to try it out for ourselves. The first obstacle we faced was actually trying to decide on what to write, in the end I went for my name and the course title, we then proceeded to choosing our text size and style, I decided to go for 2 different sizes of text for each line. We positioned each individual letter onto a composition stick, and then transferred the text to a larger galley. We then used furniture to keep the text positioned in place so it wouldn’t move when we got round to actually printing.

When printing the text, I realised that the pressure of the press was wrong, so my prints came out slightly faded on the bottom line of text. Kim then taught us how to adjust the pressure of the press and we played around with different pressures until we got a crisp print.

2015-10-13 14.35.232015-10-13 14.36.052015-10-13 14.34.02

After printing with ink, i went on to have a go at embossing the paper rather than printing on it with ink. The process of this is similar to printing with ink except you instead have a printing plate with no ink on it and you also have to dampen the paper before hand. This step isn’t a necessity however dampening the paper breaks up the fibers in the paper so it creates a crisper emboss.
2015-10-13 14.34.54


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