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This week we began our new project – competitions. In preparation for our first tutorial on Thursday we had to had decided on which competition brief we were going to answer in advance.

We had the options of choosing from competition briefs from D&AD, ISTD, RSA and YCA. Upon looking through all of these briefs, I decided to choose the Food for Thought Brief from ISTD. I chose this brief because basically it was the brief that stood out to me the most and the brief that I had the most initial ideas for immediately.

The brief

“The brief explores the meaning of food. It explores stories about food and from food that tell another story. This could include the story of the original recipe, it’s life history and how this has changed over time. Most importantly its what those changes signify and how they reflect the people, their culture and social lives. While the work should clearly identify the essence of the food, it’s preparation and how and where it is eaten it should also explore its provenance – the biography, social contexts, and changes that have occurred.”

The target market of this brief is type designers, typographers, graphic designers, educators and students, librarians and discerning members of the public.

The outcome doesn’t have any limitations in terms of format, however it is imperative that the work has a central focus on typographic interpretation and creativity. ┬áIt needs to contain at least 500 words of text that show the hierarchy of information. It is essential that rigorous attention to typographic detail across all elements of the submission.

I’m really excited to be working on a ISTD project, but also extremely nervous and apprehensive as well. I am fully aware that I need to ensure that I am working day and night on this project as there is a lot of work to be done, and I also need to ensure that my type in my publication is amazing! Although this is all quite nerve wrecking, I’m very excited for the challenge of it and cannot wait to begin working on it.